Screen Print Transfers Instructions

Step 1:

Set Temperature, Pressure & time

Temperature: 335-350F

Time: 12-15 Seconds

Pressure: High

  • Manual Press: Tighten dial until the press won’t close. Loosen dial progressively until the press closes.
  • Hotronix and Geo Knight: 8-9
  • Pneumatic Press: 40-50 PSI

Step 2:

Pre press the tee for 10 seconds

Pressing the tee removes the moisture from the tee ensuring proper adhesion and minimizing potential for shrinakge. 

Step 3:


Press Transfer graphic on Tee for

12-15 seconds

Step 4:

Remove Transfer paper Warm to Luke warm

Step 5:(optional)

Place teflon sheet over tee and press again for 20-30 seconds ( peel teflon sheet hot )

This is to ensure long lasting bond and adhesion

Need Help? 

  • Always test press your transfer on a spoiled or old tee to dial in your heat press before pressing your production (AMS Transfers always provides extras for this reason) 
  • Transfer not sticking to the tee? Increase your pressure, ensure even heating, and quickly peel your transfer within 2 seconds. 
  • Still won't peel easily? Repress for 4 seconds then try using a different corner
  • These insturctions are just your starting point, each garment and material is different and should be tested to ensure proper adhesion. 

Need Help? - 



Washing Instructions: Wash inside out, cool water and cool dryer settings. 

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